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Chapter Meeting

  • "CHIPS AND CHAT”Refreshments will start being served at 6:00pm. Sorors, we plan to have a wonderful meal, so please arrive early enough to fill your tummies to the max. Once we begin our formal Ritual, there will be no eating. However, if you have health issues, arrive late, or are starving and must eat, kindly excuse yourself to the kitchen and enjoy your dinner. Also, please remember that noise from private conversations being held in the kitchen often drifts into the main meeting room and is disruptive.
  • BANKING HOURS: Sorors, if you are presenting receipts to begin the process of reimbursement, please have ALL receipts and/or voucher requests placed in the banking box by 7:30pm. The bank will close at that time. This will allow the sorors who handle our financial matters to be a part of the chapter meeting. If you are requesting reimbursement for money that you have paid out, and it is being mailed back to you, please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  • The committee signup sheets on the red clipboards will be available for you to sign up for ANY committee that you have a passion for.  If you do have handouts or displays, please place them next to your red clipboard with your committee's name on it. If you haven’t signed up to bring refreshments (Chips & Chat), those signup sheets will be available, too.

    We will be announcing "SOROR OF THE YEAR 2017.” The excitement continues to grow, along with the question "WHO IS SHE?" The question will be answered on September 8th, 2017. 

    Remember, this event is FREE OF CHARGE, Sorors. Please arrive early and on time. Bring your Ritual, your smile, your appetite, and your great spirit!!  "HAPPY NEW YEAR SORORS!"

Earlier Event: August 29
Executive Board Meeting
Later Event: September 26
Executive Board Meeting