OCAC-CA Youth Programs

Youth programs are at the heart of what we do. Our latest Programs, Success for Teens, is a combined program of Delta Sigma Theta's GEMS and EMBODI Programs for High School Students. GEMS is an acronym for Growing and Empowering Myself Succsessfully and EMBODI is an acronym for Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence. In 2015, we will kick-off our inaugural Delta ACADEMY/EMBODI Middle School Program. Please download the program brochure below for more information.

Orange County (CA) Alumnae Chapter Delta GEMS/EMBODI: SUCCESS for Teens program is a personal development program for 21st century youth. This character and leadership development program is based on the principles of self-actualization and will teach skills in the areas of critical thinking, goal setting, active listening, applied learning and problem solving. Through a series of workshops over the 6-month period, 9th-12th grade student participants from Orange County, California schools will be exposed to curricula and facilitated discussions that explore dream building, self-motivation and time management principles for the purpose of 21st century work-force preparation. The goal is to create a sustainable and transformational community-based youth program that will meet the following objectives. Participants will:

• Identify their unique and innate skills, abilities and talents.
• Develop a plan to build upon those skills for a successful future.
• Establish goals with concrete next steps towards a roadmap.
• Determine how to apply their leadership skills within the community.
• Monitor progress and program success through evaluation surveys. 


OCAC-CA is gearing up to re-start its Delta GEMS/EMBODI Success for Teens Program for 2015! We are adding a Delta Academy/EMBODI Program for Middle School aged youth. Continue to follow our website updates for more information.